Monday, September 28, 2009

Friend Makin Mondays

Today is Friend Makin Monday's over at Amber's. The topic this week is to list a few things you can't live without! Hmmm. At the top of my list would of course be my family and faith, but after that would be:

  • Diet Dr. Pepper, Some people drink coffee when they wake up..I drink pop. Yum.

  • My LAPtop. LOVE it.
  • My Dog!
  • Mystery books
  • Mcdonalds! Yea, I know.. I literally ate it EVERY day while I was pregnant. Not kidding.


  1. Coffee $ Diet Dr. Pepper are ALL I need to get me through the day! My employer put that exact soda in the vending machine because of all my nagging!! lol HAPPY FMM!! =D

  2. I'm not a coffee person myself, so I love to have a Coke in the morning too. =)

  3. I CANNOT get through a day without a Dr. Pepper. I love it. And blogging. Not a day goes by that I dont get on. :]

  4. Dr. Pepper is a lovely thing!! :)

    Happy FMM!